Shade Sails With Sunbrella

April 15, 2010 by Sue R

I just discovered this alternative shading device on line that I absolutely love. It’s a shade sail that can be attached to trees, posts, or other elevated, stable structures that provides shade in quite a unique and artistic fashion. The fabric is constructed in a geometric pattern and is reinforced so that it pulls tight across an expanse to a tension that allows it to be stationery and if installed properly, will not wrinkle, flap in the wind, or sag.

Sail Shades With Sunbrella

You can find these inventive shade devices at They have other cool outdoor accoutrement worth a peek too!

2 Responses to Shade Sails With Sunbrella

  1. Jessica says:

    These shade sails are beautiful. I have seen several in local businesses and admired them. Thanks for sharing where I can find them.

  2. Jamie Leahy says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog.

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