Beautiful Umbrellas Feature Painted Sunbrella

November 16, 2010 by Sue R

Once again I’m truly amazed by the creativity and innovation people apply to Sunbrella fabric. In Lindsay Hair’s The Journal of an Interior Designer, she features Hedge Row Studio, a business in Pasadena, CA that paints beautiful designs on umbrella canopies made of Sunbrella. They are absolutely stunning!

Painted Sunbrella

And Lindsay’s blog is a modern classic resource for design ideas and inspiration. You should check her out too!

2 Responses to Beautiful Umbrellas Feature Painted Sunbrella

  1. David Inskeep says:

    I need to find a new metal support rod for my umbrella. I’ve had one break when the wind blew it over

  2. Gene says:

    David, that’s bad news and unfortunately the only advice we can offer is to check with the store where the umbrella was purchased or contact the manufacturer if one can be indentified (the store may be able to help). I know you were hoping for a more precise answer, but there are dozens of manufactures using a multitude of hardware and frames. In addition, many people assume we make umbrellas, and we do not. Sunbrella is only the fabric component of an umbrella, cushion, awning, etc. Good luck on locating a rod.

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